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Safety Policy

General safety considerations


All members and students of FSV are to be constantly mindful of all other participants, and must maintain self-control and care in the application of all techniques at all times.


Participants must be respectful of the fact that the weapons we use can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Participants must:

  • ask for assistance if instructions are not understood;

  • ensure that their partner is aware of and consenting to the proposed activity;

  • comply with all reasonable requests made by their training partner, including those for reductions in speed or intensity;

  • alert their training partner and/or the instructor of the class if they are uncomfortable at any time; and

  • respect the decision of another student who declines to train or spar with them for any reason.


Participants should advise their instructor if suffering from any injury or medical condition, either permanent or temporary, which may be adversely affected by certain types of training.


Instructors and participants will ensure that the sparring area is clear of any dangerous objects that may provide a risk of injury, and will have access to a fully-stocked first aid kit at all times.


All participants must ensure that they have access to sufficient protective equipment for a given activity and that it is free from known defects. An instructor should be alerted if any additional equipment is required.


No one may participate in any training or sparring activities while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Unnecessary roughness, displays of ill-temper or intimidation will not be tolerated, and any physical contact while training must be appropriate to the situation and necessary for the skill development of the participants.


Anyone who exhibits behaviour that is deemed by an instructor to be dangerous during training or sparring must cease their participation until the instructor determines the danger is no longer present.



Participant injury and reporting

All potential and realised injuries are to be treated with the utmost seriousness and all reasonable steps must always be taken to ensure the safety of all participants.

Our members and students must always take full responsibility for their actions and behaviour and always show compassion, courtesy and respect to others in our community. 

Immediately following an injury occurring, participants involved are expected to:


  1. ask the injured party if they require any assistance, medical or otherwise; 

  2. in cases requiring medical assistance, no matter how trivial, bring this to the supervising instructors attention immediately; 

  3. apologise to the injured party, whether or not they believe themselves to be at fault in the causation of the injury; 

  4. identify and acknowledge their role in the injury occurring, understanding that everyone involved has some role in any injury occurring; and

  5. in cases not requiring medical assistance, ask the injured party if they are happy and comfortable to continue and if not, respect this decision.


Participants with an injury where blood is visible must cease training immediately and receive appropriate first aid. Rejoining the training session will not be allowed until the instructor or safety officer has deemed that is safe to do so.


An injury report form must be completed for any injury sustained while participating in any FSV activity which requires treatment by a medical or allied health practitioner, and any other injury at the discretion of the injured party.


The injury report form can be found at


Disciplinary actions and safety investigations


Injury reports will be reviewed by the committee at the next available opportunity, who will then take appropriate action in order to minimise, and prevent, repeat occurrences.


Disciplinary sanctions may be imposed against anyone found to be in serious breach of these regulations or to have made false or malicious allegations.


Disciplinary measures imposed under these regulations will be based on the evidence and information presented and the seriousness of the breach; applied consistently, fairly and reasonably.

Possible sanctions that may be taken include:

  • a direction that the individual make verbal and/or written apology;

  • counselling of the individual to address behaviour;

  • withdrawal of any awards, placings, records, achievements bestowed in any tournaments, activities or events held or sanctioned by FSV;

  • suspension or termination of membership, participation or engagement in a role or activity;

  • temporary or permanent cancellation of membership; or

  • any other form of discipline that our club considers reasonable and appropriate.


In addition, FSV recognises that monitoring and early intervention is key to maintaining a safe environment for all in the FSV community.


Any member or student involved (as any party) in two or more reported incidents within a two-year period will be temporarily suspended from sparring while an investigation is completed, and, if required, a remedial action plan formulated between the student, their instructor and the FSV safety officer. A remedial action plan will focus on improving any technical or behavioural habits that may be contributing to risk of injury in themselves or their opponent. 


Investigation and (where necessary) the formulation of a remedial action plan, should occur within 21 days of receiving an injury report, so as to limit disruption to the affected members’ training.


If any member is involved in a reported incident in the two years following the completion of a remedial action plan, additional action, including further remedial action or any of the sanctions listed above, may be taken.

This safety policy is a component of the FSV Member Regulations, agreed to by all FSV financial members. A copy of the complete FSV Member Regulations can be found at

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