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Code of Conduct

Fechtschule Victoria’s purpose is to facilitate the teaching and learning of Historical European Martial Arts, in particular the Liechtenauer tradition of longsword.


Our core values are respect, integrity, humility, self-improvement and friendship.

While at FSV classes or HEMA events, everyone associated with FSV are expected to:

  • be kind and respectful to other students, staff, members of the HEMA community and the community at large;

  • listen when instruction is being provided;

  • ask for assistance when something is not understood, either from an instructor or assistant instructor;

  • wait until the end of formal class to discuss an interpretation or seek detailed instruction, so as not to interfere with the learning experience of other students; 

  • be respectful of the fact that the weapons we use can be dangerous if used incorrectly and ensure that their partner is aware of and consenting to engage in any intended exercise or free play;

  • be conscious of where their weapon (whether it is a personal weapon or that of the club) is at all times, and ensure that it is not easily accessible by the general public. When their weapon is not in use, students are expected to ensure that it is stored safely;

  • be considerate to their partner when training or sparring with another student. This includes respecting any requests that their partner might have that they go slower and/or with less intensity;

  • alert their training partner and/or the instructor of the class if they are uncomfortable in a given situation;

  • while students are invited to engage in sparring at any point, no student is expected to engage in free sparring if they feel uncomfortable doing so;

  • respect the decision of another student who declines to train or spar with them for any reason;

  • compete with the intent of overcoming the challenge that their opponent presents when competing internally or externally; winning and losing are secondary to self-improvement; and

  • be free of alcohol or other intoxicating substances while training and/or competing at FSV classes and events.

This code of conduct is a component of the FSV Member Regulations, agreed to by all FSV financial members. A copy of the complete FSV Member Regulations can be found at


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