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Starting out at FSV

FSV welcomes all newcomers to Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). 

How do I get started?

Just show up! Your first class is always free. 

Which class should I attend?

Whichever is most convenient for you. 

You can find our class schedule here and a description of each class here

If you're interested in long sword, we recommend you start with Mechanics of Long Sword, at either Canterbury or Footscray. If you're female identifying, you may wish to start with our Women's Sword Fighting class. 

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, a water bottle, comfortable clothes and a good attitude. All equipment is provided. 

I really enjoyed my first class, what should I do next?

Great! You can sign up for our Beginner's Package below. This will allow you to attend as many classes as you'd like for eight weeks at a cost of $80.00. You can also check out our (user-controlled) ongoing subscriptions here.

Please also make sure you familiarise yourself with our code of conduct, safety and other policies, and complete the Membership Form - which you will be redirected to after signing up for the Beginner's Package or an ongoing subscription. 

Beginner's Package sign up - Eight weeks of unlimited classes, $80.00 per person.

To register, please click 'Pay Now'. Once payment has been completed, select 'return to sellers website' and complete the redirected Membership Forms (you will be required to log in to access forms and complete registration).

For assistance, please email or contact us at

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