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Fechtschule Victoria


** Long Sword, Sabre, and Smallsword classes in Footscray and Kew** 


Fechtschule Victoria (FSV) is a Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) school teaching Germanic styles of long sword, sabre and smallsword. We teach classes in Footscray and Kew.


Our long sword classes focus on the teachings of Johannes Liechtenauer and provide an in-depth exploration of the ideas and principles that underpin the Liechtenauer tradition. The experienced and knowledgeable instructors are happy to explain in detail what the underlying meanings are and why they are important.


Our duelling sword classes teach sabre according to the Berliner school and smallsword in the Kreussler style. Similarly to the long sword classes, the focus of these classes are to identify the core principles and ideas that underpin those systems.


Whilst we draw the basis for our classes from the words of the masters, our instructors' extensive experience permits them to deconstruct the arcane instructions found in period manuals. This permits them to use plain language explanations and kinaesthetic demonstration to make the underlying principles easily understandable to newcomers to HEMA.


Students are introduced to new concepts and techniques through structured interactive drills, designed to work at the student's own pace.


Once students have grasped the techniques in drills, they are encouraged to implement them in controlled freeplay environments. This helps to bridge the gap between drilling and sparring. 


When they are comfortable doing so, students are able to participate in sparring with other students of similar experience; allowing them the opportunity to try their skills in the pressure of mock-combat.


Beginner instruction is provided all year round, with new starters being paired with instructors or experienced students to provide them with one-on-one coaching. Beginner equipment is provided by the club.


If you are interested in attending, your first class is free to come and try out what we have to offer. Following this, we offer a competitive beginner's package so you can give it a go for an extended period with no long-term commitment.


If you have any further questions, please contact us so that one of our instructors is able to answer them for you.

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